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OF COURSE I’m including my own stuff. I worked hard on this sucker! Anywho, this is obviously my own brand, Jetter Creative, a solo-preneur in Miami offering digital branding and marketing services.

What I Needed

I wanted to convey a brand image that was approachable and playful, yet knowledgeable and professional enough to offer straight-forward and understandable advice for how to be successful online. I needed the works, starting from the ground up.

 What I Did

I started with the branding: a fun but clear script font ending in an old-school desktop computer mouse done in bright teals and oranges. Next came the website: surprise, you’re on it. The website needed to be easy to navigate, yet showcase a huge variety of bell and whistles that I’m capable of adding to client sites. And finally, I handle my own ongoing campaigns including social media, blogging, and email marketing.

The Results

So far so good! Once I had the branding in place my existing clients led to new clients which led to me taking forever to finish the website (which isn’t a terrible problem to have). At the time of writing this I was just about to launch the site, so check back in the future to see how things turned out.

Project Details

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