What I Can Do

Yes to websites, not so much to rocket ships.

Websites are just the beginning! We can start with your branding, build your website, and launch a fancy-pants email marketing campaign all at the same time. Need something specific and don’t see it anywhere on this site? Contact me, we’ll get through this together.

The Basic Selection

Branding & Identity

Logo Design, Print Materials, Digital Branding, Packaging, Internal Documents, etc.

Website Design & Development

Website Design, WordPress Development, Website Redesigns, Changes to Existing Websites

Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Contact Database Management, List Growth

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, Directory Marketing, PPC Advertising on Search Engines & Social Media

Social Media Growth Hacking

Content Consulting and Growth Hacking for Achieving 10K+ Accounts Quickly

Graphic Design

Media Kits, Presentations, Stationary, Business Cards, Packaging, etc.

Creative Consulting

Brand Consulting, Event Marketing

Content Consulting

Copy Coaching, Keyword Optimization

What’s the Timeline?

Need a website, but have no idea what you’re in for? I get that a lot. Here’s a glance at the process:

  • 1


    First things first: we sit down and chat about your business, your goals, what you’ve already got and what you need the most.
  • 2


    Next, I’ll present you with a few design options. You’ll pick a favorite and we’ll polish it up to your liking.
  • 3


    Once we’ve settled on a design, I’ll get to building the site. We’ll throw up a coming soon page right away, and you’ll be given a special login to view the site as it’s being built.
  • 4


    Once the site is fresh to death I’ll spend about a week squishing the bugs and ironing out all remaining kinks.
  • 5


    Then comes what you’ve been waiting for: the launch! We pull back the curtains and invite your friends, family, colleagues, cousins, clients, second cousins, second clients (?), and the neighbors to come take a look.
  • 6


    Post launch is really up to you! I’ll hang around for the first year to help should any issues or changes arise, and I can teach you to use the site for posting to your blog or making small updates.

What are Your Rates?

Every project is different, but I’ll offer up some ballpark figures: websites tend to fall in the $3,000-$6,000 range, branding elements generally start around $500, and email marketing starts around $200 per month. I’m also available at an hourly rate if the circumstances are right.

let’s talk it out

I feel good about the work I do, and for that reason I want to help you out for a half hour, free of charge. Call me with a plan or call me in a frantic huff and I promise to talk you off the ledge.

Ready to Make Some Moves?


No worries, I hear ya. Take a look at my work and see what you think!



Soon, probably! Use my contact page to get in touch and we’ll set up the first meeting!