Your Web Toolkit

Knick knacks, whatchamacallits, and other helpful apparatuses.

Going at it alone can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! The below resources are tools I’ve found throughout my web trials and troubles. Glanced through everything and still can’t find what you need? Contact me.

General Organization & Productivity

  • Freebie Supply: the mother load of free internet tools and amazingness. Seriously, there’s a tool for everything there.
  • Dollar Photo Club: my preferred stock photo site
  • Google Apps for Business: this is what I use for myself, and what I preach for all of my “brand new business” clients. We all know Google is amazing, and using it to organize your business is just as amazing as you’d imagine.
  • Evernote: an easy peezy note-taking app. It’s free, and syncs across all of your devices.
  • HoursTracker: this is how I track my time for clients who are billed hourly. The free version lets you track three different types of hours or rates per hour, while the paid version offers unlimited.


  • SkillCrush: Skillcrush is by far my favorite resource for learning HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and more. Their courses usually last three months (though you don’t HAVE to follow the suggested timeline), and are easy to follow. PLUS they provide a lot of support
  • Udemy: a large catalog of “start whenever, wherever” lessons; I’ve used Udemy for learning to use XCode to create iPhone apps
  • Lynda: a HUGE resource of more “start whenever, wherever” online courses, from very technical coding lessons to courses on productivity and time management
  • Swiftly: a free iPhone app for learning to code in Swift, the language of iPhone apps


  • DaFont: free fonts, organized very nicely
  • Font Squirrel: more free fonts
  • Paletton: and easy to use color scheme picker
  • Adobe Color CC: another great color scheme picker
  • Canva Colors: a third tool for picking color; this one lets you search for color combinations and schemes by any word
  • Adobe Creative Suite: the Adobe Creative Suite is my lifeline, I use Illustrator, PhotoShop, or InDesign for all of my design projects


  • Sublime Text: text editor of choice! After a while it will ask you to make a donation to keep using it, but you never have to. Sort of like going to a museum.
  • FileZilla: this is my FTP platform of choice; it’s free, easy to use and can save several sites in its sites manager


  • MailChimp: my email marketing platform of choice – starts for free, increases once you pass a certain threshold of sends per month
  • MailMunch: this partners great with MailChimp- it’s a list growth and form service for getting more subscribers to your MailChimp account
  • IconoSquare: another tool for Instagram: this one is a web-based reporting and analytics tool. It tells you the most effective time to post for your followers, plus other cool factoids.
  • My Followers: an iPhone app that I use for fat* Instagram accounts to see their exact follower account *: fat meaning accounts with more than 10,000 followers