Thug the Frenchie

Instagram Growth

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Full disclosure: Thug is my dog, and I’m probably a *tad* over obsessed with him. Sue me, he’s cute.

What He Needed

So Thug didn’t really need anything, but I decided he needed to be famous. Shrug.

How I Sought Out for Fame

For the past 8 months or so I’ve been testing Instagram growth strategies, and I’ve got to say I think I cracked the code. At the time of writing this, he’s gaining a solid 1,000+ new followers per week. Plus, they’re hugely engaged; they like and comment on his photos often.

The Results

Again, I couldn’t be more encouraged by the growth rate. Plus, it feels really cool when companies like Barkbox, Natural Dog Company, and LazzyBones send my dog free stuff. Oh also, he recently got a sock deal. #thugsocks is now a real thing.

Project Details

ClientThug the Frenchie